【Best places for viewing Japanese pampas grass】

Great sceneries in fall――Healing views. Let’s go see and feel this beautiful season.
Here are some recommendations below sorted by popularity.
【In Kansai】

Mt. Iwawaki ― Osaka  

Kimi Touge, the highest point of the mountain is across Mt. Iwawaki, and Mt. Kongo is also facing each other. There is also a large grass field on the top of the mountain. You will see Mt. Rokko from there, in addition, possibly Awaji Island on sunny days. Through all seasons, a lot of people visit to not miss the chance to view the wonderful scenery.


Soni Plateau ― Nara

It is located between Nara and Mie, and one of the most famous viewing pampas grass in Japan. Full of nature and such a beautiful place.


Katsuragi Plateau ― Nara

It spreads in Mt. Katsuragi, Gose City, Nara.
The soft grass is everywhere around the mountain which the elevation reaches to 959 meter. The wide view and the whole grass sparkling are definitely worth watching.


Oishi Plateau ― Wakayama

The land has a view that you may feel like you are in a 360 degrees panorama aspect. You would “feel” the great/speechless view of the Japanese grass from the top of Oishi Migane, another famous mountain in Kansai.


Tonomine Plateau ― Hyogo

A famous grass place in the west of Japan, Tonomine Plateau. The land is as much as 90 hectares and makes us comfortable and relaxed.

The massive scale of the mountain and the grass shining, it is worth watching. You can also take a walk on the grassland.


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