Enjoy Onsen in Osaka~

This time, we will show you some information of hot spring!

In Osaka, the one called Super Sentou (“hot spring” in Japanese,) is loved by the locals there. You can also experience the stone sauna style.

Spa World is located in the middle of Osaka, where you can also see Tsutenkaku (a famous sightseeing place/tower.) They have 16 types of hot spring styles of over 11 countries; Ancient Roman, Greek, Atlantic, Spanish, Finnish, and more! Not only spa but massage, Hawaiian traditional relaxation spa called Lomi Lomi, the professional Korean body scrub treatment, and Thai relaxation therapy are available as well. The facility even has a pool and that is probably the reason why it’s the biggest hot spring place in Kansai region. From young people to adults, we all can have a good time in there.

The view reminds you of a popular Japanese movie, “Thermae Romae.” Why not try it and feel like you are in the film?

The idea of the design of the foot bath area comes from Spanish streets. The bath is under the chair. Putting your foot in it for only about 20 minutes has the same effectiveness as taking a regular shower, that makes you more relaxed. It’s definitely a worth trying!

The Finnish sauna has such a nice smell of conifer trees.

Taking both of the cool and hot water bath is recommended for people those who care about arthralgia (the body joint pain,) menopausal syndrome, and when your body needs some rest.

Even in the city, you have this amazing opportunity to take an open air/outside onsen.

Onsen is not the only thing that you can try, but they also have this futuristic spa with the high technologies.

Dr. Oxygen: Inside of your body will be cleaned by using the high oxygen concentration treatment.

It is effective for cleaning your body, recovery from fatigue, losing your weight, shaping your legs better, massage.

Dr. Hydrogen: It stops your body from getting old, and lets you have perfect skin!

This is good for self-healing, activating body metabolism, and sharping your body skin.

Dr. Carbonic Acid: It’s often used as their traditional medical treatment in Europe.

This works for avoiding from a cold constitution, liver disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, anemia, neurosis.

How the hot stoned bath works:

It is said to be effective for beauty and detoxification.

You would feel hot and get sweated a lot by warming your body on the heated natural stone. From its quality, it will get you some effectiveness for mineral/negative eon/infrared radiation.

Please take a look at the URL below to know the tips for the bath.


They are well equipped with a lot of toys that interest children.

It’s inside the facility, therefore, people can enjoy without worrying about the weather.

In addition, there are a sport gym, pool area, restaurants, and so on.

People from all generations can have a nice time in there.

We hope it will be unforgettable memories for you!

Reference: Spa World http://www.spaworld.co.jp/