Best place to see Hydrangea in Kansai area

After beautiful rose season, rainy season is beginning in Japan. Bummer, what can you do in the rain? Well, don’t get your hopes down! Because rainy season is just the best time to see beautiful hydrangeas! Hydrangeas can be seen from June to July in Japan. Today I am doing to tell you 3 best places to see hydrangeas!

Ajisai(hydrangea) Mandara Park in Kamitonda, Wakayama

The Best Hydrangea Park in Southern Kansai

This is a hydrangea park is managed by Sukumadani Kannon, a 1300 years old Buddhist sacred sites that’s famous for services of exorcism and praying for better fortune. In 1985, people who were fond of hydrangea planted the flower in the precincts, and it became a current 6611 square meter hydrangea park. There’s 10,000 hydrangeas of 120 kinds. There are 6 cross roads in the park, each enshrining Jizo (a guardian deity of children).  These crossroads signify the life’s turning points and Jizo is there to guide you through.  In Ajisai festival, you can see hydrangea with the chief priest.

Address: 313 Ikuma, Kamitonda, Wakayama


Duration:June 1 – July 10, 9:30 am – 4 pm (Latest entrance is at 4 pm)

Holidays:No holiday during period above

Admission fee:Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yen

Colorful hydrangea for your eye candy!

There are 10,000 hydrangeas of 120 different kinds in precincts

Can see flowers with priest in Ajisai Festival


Ono Alps Land in Inagawa cho, Hyogo 

Hydrangeas in Ono Alps land is best to see in the beginning of July, because it is located in the mountain where temperature is 4~5 Celsius cooler than ground level. On the mountain landscape, 16,000 hydrangeas bloom beautifully with wide sky. On the top of the mountain there is astronomical observatory “Astropia”, where you can see sunspot in the day time and starry sky at night. This place is also popular in summer for camping.

Address:1-1 Onogatake Kashihara, Inagawa cho, Hyogo


Operation hours:  No limits (No lights at night)

Holiday:No holiday (Observatory closed from Mon. to Wed.)

Admission Fee:Free (Observatory 200 yen)

Hydrangea fill land at elevations of  753 meter

Full bloom of 16,000 hydrangea in the beginning of July

Observatory Astropia on the top of the mountain


Yada Temple in YamatoKoriyama city, Nara

Hydrangea temple know for Jizo (a guardian deity of children)

This temple was established about 1,300 years ago by orders from Tenmu emperor. This temple worship Jizo, the guardian deity of children. 50 years ago hydrangeas were planted because it is similar to Jewel that Jizo is holding. Currently 10,000 hydrangea of 60 different kinds are planted. Moreover, you can enjoy different flowers in different season; cherry blossom and azalea in spring, oleander in summer, bush clover and autumn leaves in Autumn, and Sasanqua in winter.

Address3549 Yadacho, YamatoKoriyama city, Nara


Operation Hours:8:30 am – 5 pm
※Hydrangea season : June 1 – July 10

Holiday:No Holiday

Admission Fee:Adults 500 yen, children 200 yen


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