Cherry Blossom of 2017 Kyoto Osaka

Good afternoon! It’s been a while, how are you all?
Here in Japan, spring has come finally!
This year spring was a little later than usual.
Even in the end of March, there was no sign of warm weather. SO COLD!!!
Because of that, it seems “spring lady” slept in this year!
A week or 2 passed…..
Just when you thought you couldn’t wait any longer! Finally she woke up!

Sun is so bright in this picture…

↑This is just a little spot in Osaka. Full Bloom!!

I have also visited Hirano shrine, place famous for cherry blossom in Kyoto.
Cherry blossom festival for once a year! It is very beautiful!

Every year in this season, food stands will be held, called Sakura Chaya (literally means Cherry Blossom tea house) . This year it is by April 20th. During same period, cherry blossom are shed light at night so you can enjoy drinks with beautiful trees! (until 9 PM)

It is currently full bloom at Hirano shrine, and recommended to go there by the end of this weekend!

Next is Todaiji temple in Nara Park! The temple is dressed up with cherry blossoms, boosting its greatness.

It is white and it is red at the same time. This is the Japanese spring color!
New year, hopefully new greetings will come in this color!

Cherry blossom in Nara park is also better to be seen during this week. Don’t miss it!

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