Japanese Drumming Experience!

Wadaiko – The Japanese drum

It was about time that my inner man soul was set on fire, after seeing enthusiasm at Japanese festivals.

Finally! I have come to famous 1 day Taiko (drum)  lesson, TAIKO-LAB.

The location was a little bit confusing, but I made it just on time ;D

Actually I was going to take lesson with my friend, but he called in sick so I was the only one to take lesson on that day.

They escorted me to class room A. Taikos were lined up neatly, to me it looked like sake (Japanese alcohol) brewing at first.

The instructor explained to me the history of taiko, in the beginning of lesson.

According to him, Taiko’s history is as long as this nation’s history. It also appears in Japanese ancient myth.

The shape of Taiko’s origin is a pot ancient people used to put left overs.

I was almost right that I thought it was a sake brew at first hehe  😉

We did some easy warming up, and lesson begun.

He taught me basic method of drumming, and we started “sound returning”.

He made rhythm with his mouth as how he wanted me to play.

At first, it’s very easy to miss the rhythm,  but I somehow found a way as I kept trying.

I think the key is to be “easy-going”. If you tried too much to stick to rhythm, it seems harder.

Just relax and play as you feel like.

In the end, because I was the only one today, instructor made special arrangement.

He led me play the biggest Taiko.

This Taiko sounds way bigger than others, never stopped resounding in the room.

I looked at the instructor through mirror and tried to follow his rhythm.

In that moment, I wasn’t myself. I was just a man completely absorbed in hitting.

After lesson, he was so kind to show me a Japanese flute.

I couldn’t even make sound, probably due to my clumsiness. 🙁

Friends of Japanese festival, traditional culture. Osaka.


*Feel free to ask us any questions regarding Taiko lesson

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