Cherry Blossom of 2017 Kyoto Osaka

Good afternoon! It’s been a while, how are you all?
Here in Japan, spring has come finally!
This year spring was a little later than usual.
Even in the end of March, there was no sign of warm weather. SO COLD!!!
Because of that, it seems “spring lady” slept in this year!
A week or 2 passed…..
Just when you thought you couldn’t wait any longer! Finally she woke up!

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2017 Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Forecast

My American friend told me,

In Japan you have Sakura (Cherry Blossom) forecast, just like it’s weather news. Just how much do people love Sakura here!?

The bloom of cherries, after a long cold winter. Just as we thought they finally bloomed, they would start to fall in an instant. Momentary excellence of spring.

Not to miss these short-lived Sakura, you must check these sakura forecast of 2017!

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Japanese Drumming Experience!

Wadaiko – The Japanese drum

It was about time that my inner man soul was set on fire, after seeing enthusiasm at Japanese festivals.

Finally! I have come to famous 1 day Taiko (drum)  lesson, TAIKO-LAB.

The location was a little bit confusing, but I made it just on time ;D

Actually I was going to take lesson with my friend, but he called in sick so I was the only one to take lesson on that day.

They escorted me to class room A. Taikos were lined up neatly, to me it looked like sake (Japanese alcohol) brewing at first.

The instructor explained to me the history of taiko, in the beginning of lesson.

According to him, Taiko’s history is as long as this nation’s history. It also appears in Japanese ancient myth.

The shape of Taiko’s origin is a pot ancient people used to put left overs.

I was almost right that I thought it was a sake brew at first hehe  😉

We did some easy warming up, and lesson begun.

He taught me basic method of drumming, and we started “sound returning”.

He made rhythm with his mouth as how he wanted me to play.

At first, it’s very easy to miss the rhythm,  but I somehow found a way as I kept trying.

I think the key is to be “easy-going”. If you tried too much to stick to rhythm, it seems harder.

Just relax and play as you feel like.

In the end, because I was the only one today, instructor made special arrangement.

He led me play the biggest Taiko.

This Taiko sounds way bigger than others, never stopped resounding in the room.

I looked at the instructor through mirror and tried to follow his rhythm.

In that moment, I wasn’t myself. I was just a man completely absorbed in hitting.

After lesson, he was so kind to show me a Japanese flute.

I couldn’t even make sound, probably due to my clumsiness. 🙁

Friends of Japanese festival, traditional culture. Osaka.


*Feel free to ask us any questions regarding Taiko lesson

Shin-Travel Luggage Storage

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Hulic Nanba Bldg. 4-4-1 Nanba, Chuo-Ku, Osaka city, Osaka

542-0076 Japan

Office hours: 9am – 8pm

Driving Osaka city with MariCar!

If only I could drive go-kart in real life, like some games…..

Guess what, You CAN!! with MariCAR in Osaka!


Driving go-kart on public road is the funniest experience you’ll ever find! Guide will lead your way to make sure you feel safe the entire time.

It just opened in Osaka last month(October 2016) and we went there to experience it for ourselves!

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Autumn Leaves in Kyoto ARASHIYAMA

The best season to visit Kyoto, is in Autumn, when leaves change its color to warm red.

Last weekend (Nov. 12), some trees started to change its color. I believe many of them will be at their best colors this weekend.

Let’s take a look at these photos from last weekend.

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Universal Studio Japan’s Christmas Tree will be OVER!?

Every year during Christmas season, we see Universal Studio Japan’s ad on TV and imagine a magical Christmas night under the gigantic tree.

But this year something is different. It is said to be the last year for their symbolic tree.

Christmas tree in USJ has been known as a holder of Guinness world record as “having the most lights on an artificial Christmas tree”.(2015)

As for me, I went to see it on last year’s Christmas in 2015! The tree was illuminated with different colors to the music, there was also a show using projection mapping. It was a cold night but was beautiful!

The picture shown here is taken by me back then 😀

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Shin-Travel Luggage Storage Namba


We are Shin-travel Luggage Storage, located just outside of Exit 10 of Subway Midosuji Line Namba station.

We are located in less than 10 min. walk from Dotonbori Glico man, very convenient location for those who wants to go for shopping or sightseeing without carrying any big baggage.

Luggage delivery service is also available.

It’s less than 5 min. walk from Nankai Nanba Station, which has direct access to Kansai International Airport (KIX).

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